Why A Custom Solution Should Be The Choice For Your Commercial Project

No two buildings are exactly the same. Even buildings with identical layouts, within 500 feet of each other, can have completely different conditions in regards to factors like catchment surface material, rainwater quality, and city water pressure. Many existing rainwater catchment systems have been installed with a "one size fits all" approach that does not take into account these important factors, leading to inefficient operation and additional maintenance costs.

Diagram of rainwater harvesting system

How We Design & Build Your Custom Rainwater Catchment System

Our sole focus on rainwater harvesting, combined with experience on dozens rainwater catchment projects over the last decade, has helped us develop a unique process for designing our systems. We've spent hundreds of hours developing and testing proven, pre-designed templates and hardware engineered to the CSA B805 Rainwater Harvesting Systems standard for all kinds of commercial buildings. We use one of these templates to ensure every new project starts off with the most efficient design possible, and customize each system for the property's unique specifications.

What Makes RainSource Systems Different?

RainSource is the only firm in Ontario exclusively dedicated to rainwater harvesting. Our commercial rainwater harvesting systems are designed to be the most efficient and durable on the market with regards to price, operation, energy use, and maintenance. We take into account factors like stormwater management, surrounding environment and filtration, and end use applications that our competitors simply overlook. Our dedication to custom-fitting each system for the unique building and conditions it will be a part of allows us to save our customers time, money, and headaches when dealing with their rainwater system.

RainSource Systems Are Different Because We Consider Factors That Our Competitors Don't.

Full Support, Every Step Of The Way.

Our clients receive the support of a certified professional rainwater harvesting system designer throughout the entire process. Our expertise and guidance helps ensure a smooth experience from design to installation and maintenance. Whether your goal is to convert rainwater into drinking-quality water or install a simple irrigation system, we'll design and deliver the best solution for your project's unique needs and see it through from start to finish.

Optional Advanced Features.

Our systems are fully optimized to work as efficiently as possible on their own, but can be upgraded to help integrate with the rest of your building's systems and increase insight into the system's operation and maintenance needs. These advanced features include touchscreen control interfaces, data logging, remote monitoring, building automation integration, and more.

Vertical self-cleaning filter


Vertical self-cleaning filters to save water, energy, & maintenance

Cascade filters to remove particulate matter, toxins, & impurities

Hydrodynamic separators to remove sand, grit, oil, and other debris.

Concrete cistern

Rainwater Storage

Concrete cisterns to store large volumes of water

Cast-in-place concrete water vaults

Fiberglass & polyethylene water tanks

Modular (crate-style) storage systems

Stormwater chambers


Submersible pumps in cooling sleeves to ensure efficient operation & reduce maintenance

Multi-stage booster pumps for increased operation & energy efficiency

Floating suction filters to stop potential reservoir debris from entering the system

Filtration & Treatment

Automatic self-cleaning filters to automatically eliminate debris in system

Semi-automatic self-cleaning filters which indicate when cleaning is needed

Cartridge & bag filters to clean sediment out of the system

Ultraviolet sterilizers to kill >99% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi

Chlorine injection to kill and eliminate contaminants

Ozone filtration to oxidize and remove bacteria, viruses, and metals

Drives & Controls

Variable Frequency Drives to control fans, pumps, & compressors

Control panels with Programmable Logic Controller & touchscreen Human Machine Interface

Performance & maintenance data logging to increase system insight

Building Automation System (BAS) compatible for complete integration

Remote monitoring for secure remote access, analytics, and maintenance warning

Example End-use Applications For Harvested Rainwater

Harvested rainwater that is suitably filtered and treated is safe, soft, crystal clear water suitable for a wide range of applications.

Drip Irrigation Line
Drip Irrigation
Car wash
Commercial Vehicle Cleaning
Cooling Towers
Evaporative Cooling
Water flowing into storm drain
Stormwater Management
Laundry facility
Laundry Water Supply
Washroom facility
Toilet & Urinal Flushing