Why Mechanical Contractors Choose RainSource

Our mechanical contractor clients need strong, durable systems which help them win competitive industry bids. We work directly with these clients to design custom rainwater harvesting systems which are more efficient and value-effective than those of competing bidders, and offer unrivalled support throughout the entire process.

Rainwater Catchment Systems Designed To Win Competitive Bids.
Diagram of rainwater harvesting system

How We Design & Build Your Custom Rainwater Catchment System

RainSource systems add clear value to bid proposals through unparalleled system design. We start each project with one of our proven templates, and tailor it to meet each building's unique specifications. We ensure the entire system is optimized for performance and maintenance, and selectively choose the components which will make the biggest impact on the system as a whole.

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Full Support, Every Step Of The Way.

Our clients receive the support of a certified professional rainwater harvesting system designer throughout the entire process. Our expertise and guidance helps ensure a smooth experience from design to installation and maintenance. Whether your goal is to convert rainwater into drinking-quality water or install a simple irrigation system, we'll design and deliver the best solution for your project's unique needs and see it through from start to finish.